a zen like state of not caring about something. like using capital letters when typing out a definition on urbandictionary.
1. i'm banya for doing my tax return
2. guy: "hey dude, have you seen the new paris hilton sex tape?"
guy2: "banya for that skank."
by alex_k February 21, 2005
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Banya, the fake way to spell Bonya.

Banya is also a way to describe incredible dick sucking skills.
Bro, you're banya skillz are outta this world bra
by Weed Emporium June 15, 2019
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The correct spelling of the word BONYA
A slang for weed, marijuana.
Smoke a da banya!
Hey man I have some banya. Care to partake?
by DiddleyDoodley July 07, 2018
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Riding someone's coattails to success. Originated in the stand-up comedy world of "Seinfeld," where the annoying Kenny Banya often found success performing after Jerry.
I've been getting that girl drunk all night. That guy's totally pulling a Banya!
by Funthrax August 05, 2007
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