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a zen like state of not caring about something. like using capital letters when typing out a definition on urbandictionary.
1. i'm banya for doing my tax return
2. guy: "hey dude, have you seen the new paris hilton sex tape?"
guy2: "banya for that skank."
by alex_k February 21, 2005
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The correct spelling of the word BONYA
A slang for weed, marijuana.
Smoke a da banya!
Hey man I have some banya. Care to partake?
by DiddleyDoodley July 07, 2018
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It refers to the game "League of Legends" in which expresses your anger towards that garbage champion that every kid uses then ints continously called "Yasuo"
"Tangina mo gabby ban yas na"
by YasMainNgPeenoise June 12, 2018
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buy the domain for your travel blog
Banya, the fake way to spell Bonya.

Banya is also a way to describe incredible dick sucking skills.
Bro, you're banya skillz are outta this world bra
by Weed Emporium June 15, 2019
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