Ridiculously great. Similar to the word epic, usually used to describe an awesome event or action.
Due to the massive amount of fresh powder that dropped last night the snow folks had a banner ski day.
by jason michael s January 28, 2009
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mostly commercial ads on your screen spoiling and distracting that what you are looking at/for.
looking into a problem in with you have to keep your focus, for instant: terms of licensie or something interesting.
banners and banner ads flicker, beep, yell, ring and more to press their button.
by edje.s April 15, 2006
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(n) a person who is a complete badass, he is a person who is a tank of an athlete and is most likely a stackhouse, not to mention his 8” dong
Wow, I wish I was like Banner, he gets so many girls
by RickySimms November 28, 2018
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Kickass hardcore/horror punk band from Jersey with some shit-faced bastard as the singer(and only original member), and a whole bunch of shitty scenesters at their shows. Still a good band, though. Too many breakdowns, though.
Yo, I just kicked some sceneter's ass while he was doing his fuckin' karate kicks during a breakdown at The Banner show.
by Devilock August 27, 2008
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a person that will do anything for attention; a flashy or flamboyount person; someone drawing attention to themselves; (like a flashy advertising banner online)
-Dude, your girlfriends' a total banner.
-Why's that banner doing naked cartwheels?
-You can see her nice ass in her miniskirt, man I love banners.
-Check out that guy shouting in his cellphone, what a banner.
-That blond chick was such a banner in high school.
by imurfriend January 17, 2008
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Banner or Vinyl Banner is an important tool used to establish a brand’s identity. It displays a rectangular image of a product/service that stretches across the top, bottom or sides of a website for the sole purpose of promoting a brand and/or to draw traffic to a website by linking it to the website of the advertiser.
WDsoft.in specializes in designing advertising banners.

I like AMUL advertising banners
by WDsoft.in December 28, 2018
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Also beaner (also pronounced "banner")
Irish female police officer. Derived from bean-garda (Irish for WPC). Not a derogatory term.
- Look at the height of that banner. She's too short to be any use in a pub fight.
- Yeah, but she's alright (meaning cute).
by SWYman June 15, 2011
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