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The sexual position referring to two hermaphrodites have sex using both pairs of opposite genitalia simultaneously. Meaning both penises in both vaginas.
The hermaphrodites stackhoused so they both could blow their load.
by DLi November 14, 2009
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N. A woman with a particularly large rack. Derived from the colloquial term "stacked," referring to large breasts, combined with the word "house," to imply that the woman's chest is the housing of the breasts. "Stackhouse" is always used as a noun, and never as an adjective, and always refers to the woman, and not her breasts (i.e., "She has a stackhouse" would not be appropriate, while, "She is a stackhouse" would be).

Derivatives: A stackhouse, a stack house, a stackedhouse, a stacked house.
1. "Do you see that chick over there with the big ass titties? Damn, bra, she is a stackhouse!"

2. Frat Guy 1, "Yo dude, I was totally going to hook up with this fly-ass stackhouse last night."
Frat Guy 2, "Oh yeah, what happened?"
Frat Guy 1, "She saw my chodemander and totally freaked out."
by Captain Hot Pocket January 03, 2009
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Named in honor of NBA player Jerry Stackhouse who was notorious for inflating his scoring average (ppg) by scoring meaningless baskets in garbage time, long after the outcome of the game had been decided and the opposing team had taken it's starters out.
They were down by 50 in the fourth quarter, but they they scored two stackhouse TD's to make it look respectable. He scored 16 points but 10 of those were stackhouse points.
by tommy reynolds January 05, 2008
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A repulsive individual known for his inability to do anything. This individual of short stature has the ability to give Rip van Winkle a run for his money. Always found either napping or "tired." Makes Pig-pen seem like a neat-nick. Confused sexually; he is a man who thinks he is a woman; he likes men, but dates women. Can never commit to anything except free food. Is preparing to give birth to his first born.
Stackhouse entered the station, as he walked in the turnout gear walked out.
by Magnum April 13, 2004
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