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Bangtan Sonyeondan, knows as BTS or Bulletproof Boys Scout is a South Korean kpop group under Big Hit Entertainment. They debuted on 13 June 2013. They are known for the music they made and energizing dances. BTS consists of Rap Monster (leader, rapper), Jin (eldest, vocal, visual), Suga (rapper), J-Hope (main dancer, rapper), Jimin (main dancer, vocal), V (vocal) and Jungkook (youngest, main vocal, dancer). Their fanbase is called A.R.M.Y (Adorable Representative Mc of Youth).
Girl 1 : OMG! Isn't that Bangtan Sonyeondan?!
Girl 2 : OMG ! YASSSS

(방탄소년단 ; Bangtan Sonyeondan)
Bangtan Sonyeondan / BTS is a noun.
by Minty Sugar January 25, 2016
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A kpop group know as Bts. Bulletproof boy scouts. It consists of 7 members. There is the kookie maknae (jeon jungkook) The pink old princess (seok Jin) the headband alien (Kim Taehyung, AKA taetae) The jamless smol hands and height bean (Park Jimin) Then we have the rappers. The sleeping sweg guy (Min Yoongi, Suga) We also have the quite English guy (Kim Namjoon, Rap Monster) and lastly our sunshine. Our hope, our Angel (Jung Hoseok, JHOOOOPE)
Friend: *listening to kpop*
Friend: no, as if I'd listen to that gay shit
You: liar! LEMME HEAR
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by Chimchimrolls March 23, 2017
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Gods greatest creation consisting of 7 idiots:
Kim Seokjin
Kim Namjoon
Min Yoongi

Jung Hoseok
Park Jimin

Kim Taehyung

Jeon Jungkook

They make great music, but mainly mess around and do stupid stuff. They each have their own crazy personality and odd hidden talents, which aren't that hidden anymore because Army (the fan base) has leaked them all over Instagram. Ahaha *evil laugh*
Fan: "oh my god it's Bangtan Sonyeondan!" *points at 7 men*
by Tinyaqb April 19, 2018
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a korean hip hop group of 7 boys named also BTS or bangtan boys, consist of a Princess( Jin ), guy without Jam ( Jimin ), a kokkie ( Jungkook ) , a sweg guy ( Suga ) , an alien ( V ) , a horse ( J-hope ) , a monster ( Rap monster ) works under BIGHIT entertainment
J- hey did you see bangtan sonyeondan new MV
H- OMG yeah!! BTS are so creative
J- i love bangtan boys
by Tae Ha April 05, 2016
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Wow Those Bangtansonyeondan Boys Are Hot


Jin is Definitely Worldwide Handsome

Taehyung is so handsome almost as handsome as Jin

Jimin is so cute but manly

Jungkook is a cute masculine bunny

Hoseok drives me crazy with his dance moves he's so smooth

Namjoon is such a good caring leader

Stan legends stan Bangtansonyeondan
by bts <3 June 12, 2018
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