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to engage in sex.

similar to 'hang out' but with the full intention of sexual intercourse.
Bob: Want to go get some coffee?
Jason: Nah, sorry dude. I'm going to bang-out with Jessica.

John: What did you do last night?
Gary: Kristina and I banged out.
by Matimus Prime April 18, 2010
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1.A term used mostly by heterosexual males to describe engaging in sexual intercourse with a female or multiple females.
2.A term used to describe doing something quickly.
1.I'm gonna get drunk and bang out Jessica tonight.
2.I gotta bang out a term paper tonight.
by Paul December 28, 2004
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1. to fuck a girl so hard shes worn out
2. to stomp someone out or beat them badly.
1. Imma bang out that girl tonight.
2. That kids a pussy I m gonna bang him out!
by Alz February 26, 2005
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Popularized by EJRx (EJ Robinson)'s March Forth movement, "Bang Out" is a life mantra. Basically it means that no matter what Go Hard & do your best! "Bang Out" get out there and make things happen go OUT with a BANG & make sure you leave this earth known as someone!!

People who sit around in darkness accomplished little to NONE but its for those, those who get up and face the day fight for LIFE they are the ones that change the world....#BangOut!
"Get up get out & bang Out!", "Hey Brad EJ is preforming tonight", "oh word?" "Time to Bang Out!"
by BangOutFanForLife February 02, 2015
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