Okay, Annie, listen, I don't want to make sex, eat choc-o-late, look at an-i-mals, take walk. you go home and say 'touch here touch me down there, I like that'. I don't think so, Annie, don't have time, want to drink, cigarette. You know. You know what Annie honey, I just want bang bang bang!
by dinkybarrel April 28, 2005
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to squad up or to get ready to fight
like whats good nigga what wonna do u wonna bang or what nigga
by money d September 27, 2006
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1. A sudden, loud noise, usually associated with explosions or high-speed impacts (n)
2. Hair which partially or fully covers a person's forehead when unrestrained (n)
3. To strike or collide (v)
4. To inject intravenously (v)
5. To have sexual intercourse (v)
6. To participate in violent behavior, usually in the context of crime involving firearms (v)
7. Exactly or precisely (adv)
1. I was startled by a loud bang, but smiled when I realized the fireworks had started.
2. It's annoying when my bangs get in my eyes.
3. Every time I come home I bang my knee on the foyer table.
4. The bioavailability and onset speed of dilaudid when eaten or snorted are too low for my liking, and my butthole is a one-way road, so I prefer to bang it.
5. Emma Watson is so sexy, I'd put a steel toothpick under my big toenail and kick a brick wall if if meant I could bang her afterwards.
6. I told Da'Quan that he did not need to participate in every shootout and robbery that the set instigated, but he protested that he didn't mind and genuinely loved to bang.
7. The island was completely isolated, bang in the middle of the ocean.
by clevelandagainsttheworld January 07, 2015
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"Oh, you talkin' that slick shit? Huh? You wanna bang? Huh?"
- Tim and Tom Win
by albanian badboy October 15, 2006
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