so your probably horny or just wanna know what banging is soooo, check examples

the act of sexual intercourse , sex, the less raunchier way in saying “we fucked”
he instantly slips his tounge inside my now throbbing vagina. “oh shit! mhmm right there” i moan as he continues to eat me out, each lick going deeper and deeper into my wet pussy. i place my hands in his hair and push his head deeper into mine, raising my pleasure. i feel the knot in mybstomach build up and pretty soon my pussy clenches and i throw my head back, preparing for the wave of pleasure/ orgasm i am about to expirience. but it doesn’t come. i look down at him to see him smirking. he springs up and shoves his large, thick dick into my needy pussy. it stings a little but he doesn’t give me time to adjust. “mmm fuck me hard baby” he obeys and soon his thrusts are even harder and faster. “IM CUMMING” i yell as i reach my high. “if you cum, i’m leaving” he says. well shit. “what??” i question “i said don’t fucking cum.” he continues to thrust into me, eachone going in deeper, faster and harder. i can’t take it anymore . i have to cum “BABE PLS J HAVE TO CUM” i say as he rides me. “don’t” he spits. he continues to pump in and out of me and soon enough i can’t take it. “AAAH FUCK BABE IM CUMMING” i scream as the orgasm his me like a tsunami. i’m also pretty sure that’s what my pussy is like rn buut. as i milk all over his big cock, he doesn’t stop pumping. sexy grunts and small moans escape his lips, along with a few curse words as he reaches his high, his thrusts getting sloppier, he finally cums and he plop down on our bed, exhausted from out intense {bang}
by follow me on wattpad @ouffouff December 23, 2017
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A word used to describe a automobiles sound system, which has non-factory subwoofer/s and an amplifier (usually) which makes the bass louder than the cars bass would normally be.
"Dude got bang in his trunk, it's pretty loud."
"Did you get the bang in your new car yet?"
by James Jackson, from B-lo August 28, 2006
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to partake in sexual intercoarse with someone or want to have sexual intercorse with someone.
by LilJOnwhattt: July 19, 2005
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