1. An exclamation point (!). Bangs have various significance in computer languages. In boolean logic, a bang can be shorthand for NOT (e.g. !x, !=). A bang in some languages can be used to denote the start of a comment line. In some cases, a bang is also used as a delimiter.
2. To fuck someone.
1. Bang-X is another way of saying not-x.
2. I should have never banged the chick with herpes.
by ravingidiot August 25, 2004
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1) To Fight
2) To have sex, hit that
3) A lound noise

Now is most commonly used to mean fight.
Yo bitch why you talkin shit, you wanna bang or something?
by TrapStar459 March 04, 2006
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1. To Fuck a girl
2. To Fight
3. To Shoot
4. part of a gang/ particpates in gang activites
1. "I'm about to bang this hoe"
2. "aye nigga you talking to much shit we gotta bang"
3. "Where my 9mm so I can bang on this bitch ass nigga."
4. A) That nigga gang bang to the fullest for the crips.
B) aye nigga you bang?
by Ca$he$ August 02, 2006
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1. a loud noise, like a door slamming or a gun going off

2. to have sex with

3. an interjection meaning to happen suddenly

4. to collide with abruptly

5. to strike, making a loud noise
1. I heard a loud bang and ran out to the street to check it out.

2. Yeah, I banged her.

3. I was walking down the street with my lady, and bang, this guy ran by and grabbed her purse.

4. I got drunk last night and banged my knee on a firehydrant.

5. Quit banging that fucking drum.
by zachwolff October 15, 2003
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1.saying a guy having sex with a girl too hard. the whole bed is shaking and stuff.
2. saying a girl is very very hot.
3.hit someone
1.DMX was banging that white girl in never die alone that movie.
2. dude beyonce bangs.
3. im gonna bang the shit out of ya/
by ted August 14, 2004
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noun - 'a bang', term referring to a cannabis joint. originated either because it rhymes with splang or because the twisted end of a ken looks like those devil bangers you used to get when you were a nipper
-where's Carl?
-he's on the front step having a bang.
by natrl March 25, 2010
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