to inject a drug intravenously
That guy bangs every drug he gets. He even bangs adderall and shit.
by peanuts and corn March 19, 2006
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to have sex so fucking hard it makes you scream crzy things.
<i>(1)oh my god o me harder harder.
(2)get it in.
(3)your banging me so hard it hurts
by maymaymay August 01, 2008
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Bangs is the bizarre word Americans use to describe the hair that falls in your eyes (i.e. Fringe)
Australian: Wow I love your new haircut, your fringe looks awesome side-swept
English Person: Thanks, I thought so too
American: What are you two talking about? I'm going to be an idiot over here now and say stupid words like "bangs" and "turtleneck"
by Immi_callmepnk August 25, 2007
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1. An exclamation point (!). Bangs have various significance in computer languages. In boolean logic, a bang can be shorthand for NOT (e.g. !x, !=). A bang in some languages can be used to denote the start of a comment line. In some cases, a bang is also used as a delimiter.
2. To fuck someone.
1. Bang-X is another way of saying not-x.
2. I should have never banged the chick with herpes.
by ravingidiot August 25, 2004
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1) To fuck.
2) A loud noise.
3) A word used to imply affiliation with a street gang.
4) A word used to describe the act of murder.
1) "I banged her all night long."
2) "I heard that bang."
3) "Nigga I'm bangin' crip."
4) "Let's bang on them pussy niggaz."
by brian fury May 18, 2005
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