4 guys performing sexual acts on one girl
She loves having a quad-bang with hot young latino men
by naughty girl 702 April 11, 2011
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String beans. Most often prepared by a grandmother.
I found the holy ghost... In grandma's turkey wangs and skrang bangs. It's just something special about grandmas food. I can taste all the love, feet, switches, and house robes up in this shit.
by Crashington June 30, 2010
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When favorite trendy words are repeated and used too many times in a conversation
by Chinxster July 2, 2019
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When you wake up and bang (coitus) and then go back to sleep.
"I was involved in the sleep bang last night! That is why I can't stay awake at work, boss!"
by MCLovin2011 January 28, 2017
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When you and your and your partner are having sexual intercource and your partner is such a slow fence bitch that he fucks so damn slow
My mom sloth banged me last night night she's such a sloth dence bitch
by butt hert June 11, 2014
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When someone makes you smile silly all day long!
Dang boy! You make me smile bang so hard my cheeks hurt!
by Sparkypdx June 26, 2015
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Whilst ur ridin someone. Light a firework and time it so that as ya bust yer jizz the firework goes off up their hole and sends out the horses nutty favourites
A way to turn ur woman on is to do da Shitty shitty bang bang. I once did it with this one to get her going and by god her hole went up like fuckin New Year’s Eve
by Thebigdaddyjeff September 6, 2020
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