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"Bandwagon bitching" is most easily done on social networking sites. Someone posts about something complaining and whining and then all the others on their friends list just jump in there to further the bitching no matter if they've even really thought more than five seconds about the subject or at least 5% of the scope of the problem. Bitching in agreement and in a crowd is even more fun! Let's just back up the original whiner cuz they're my bud. In the old days, they used to do it around the water cooler at work. Now they've learned how easy it is to reach a mass audience via the Internet.
Social networking site conversation example below:
Fred: Wow mannnn.....those g**damned gub'ment officials sure are f**k-ups! I was stuck in my car for 12 hours! They need to get more snow plows like Boston! Eventually I had to take a dump on the side of the road and abandon my car (and my turd....thanks goodness).
John: Yeah...those asshats!
Beatrice: You know....I would have done this.....blah blah blah
<About 50 more people here chiming in and agreeing with Fred also and how they've been done wrong with one minute solutions.>
Ralph: Did you realize the weather pattern changed and hit the city instead of going south of it? You should have left work and got home. Our office shut down early as the weather was changing.
Fred: was I supposed to know that?
Ralph: Did you get my text earlier on your iPhone?
Fred: Sure did.
Ralph: How about that iPhone with the Weather Channel App on it???
Fred: Uhhhhhhh
Ralph: How about that TV in your building lobby that always has the Weather Channel playing?
Fred: I don't give a shit....I'll just bitch with my buds some more on Facebook so I feel better and empowered cuz I am right!
Beatrice: You tell him Fred! Ralph is a douche...
<About 50 other people chiming in here giving Ralph a douche equivalent label.>
Ralph: OK....I think I have to go enter a new term on Urban Dictionary now (bandwagon bitching)...later
by fway January 31, 2014
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