What happens when you try to spell banana, but get confused.
"Alright, bana. Keep on going. Bananana. FUCK!"
by talley September 3, 2006
This word is simply banana only with an extra 'na', making it one of the coolest words in the world.

"Omg dude take a bite of my bananana!"

"Wtf you fag!"
by Jamie March 18, 2005
A ripe banana, good banana. Your Grandpa likes it. And you Sister likes it. From the left to the right.
"Hey, do you know the banana song from Yo Gabba Gabba?"
"Yeah...From the left to the right, bananana! North to South, bananana! South to East, bananana!"
by PrncesJessie September 14, 2008
Is the time when you cannot spell banana properly and you become ashamed of yourself for not being able to spell a simple word
Friend: Hey man, how do you spell banana?
You: oh its b-a-n-a-n-a-n-a, bananana
Friend: ._. You added an extra n-a
You: ._.
Friend: You should be shamed
by HentaiExpert101 February 20, 2020
Extra long banana for those who need to shut up.
Person 1: Bananana.
Person 2: What?
by Oh-Oh-Oh-OmegaMart May 30, 2021
the bananana is much different then its banana counter part being 1 syllable longer and much more fun to say
"Is a bananana next to a bananana" Vine user: IDK
by bob1212312 January 25, 2022