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A term derived form Comedy Central airings of "The Big Lebowski. It was used to substitute "Fuck a stranger in the ass" in the infamous "you see what happens" scene. It means fuck a stranger in the ass.
"You see what happens when you find a stranger in the alps?"
by talley May 25, 2006

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What happens when you try to spell banana, but get confused.
"Alright, bana. Keep on going. Bananana. FUCK!"
by talley September 03, 2006

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An actor. Known fact that he has six degrees.
Carrie Fischer was in Star Wars with
Harrison Ford was in The Fugitive with
Tommy Lee Jones who was in Batman Forever
Val Kilmer who was in Heat with
Robert Dinero who was in Sleepers with
by talley October 28, 2005

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An alcoholic drink one needs to get going in the morning.
"Todd is an alcoholic. He has an eye opener every day just after waking up."
by talley June 07, 2006

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A word use just before something bad or painful happens.
Hey guys, check this out! OSHI-
by talley September 03, 2006

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A kind of codeword used by atheists. It's no god spelled backwards.
"Dog on, brother."

"Penn Jillette, the fat guy from Penn & Teller, has a liscense plate that says Dog On."
by talley February 18, 2007

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