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1. Tha most AWESOMEST show on television where I get to remember that there is a party in alot of my body cavities and that I shouldn't bite my friends no matter what! Also there is a character that looks like an inflamed penis with herpes to remind our children to use prophylactics when they grow up so that we don't over populate and kill the polar bears...

2. visual crack cocaine for my niece...
No Riely May... you can only watch one hr of Yo Gabba Gabba and by tha time you have children the Polar Bears will all be dead... sucks for you, I was too lazy to ride my bike to work...
by Mr. Wizzard the 3rd February 19, 2010
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A kid's show that is hosted by a man who is strangely enthusiastic about life and smiles too much.
They sing songs about food products having parties in tummies and such.
Then it is interupted by random kids dancing alarmingly about nothing.
"JUICE! *techno beat* In my tummy party party!"

*begin scene*
"We are the girls who like to dance!
I'm Brittany!
I'm Darla!
We like to dance!"
-Dancing wildly-
*end scene*
"Yo Gabba Gabba has scarred me for life"
by AwHellNawMyBrainHasFrozen December 05, 2009
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Children, young teenagers, and often adults that are addicted to the show yo gabba gabba, and slowly but surely they believe that they are apart of the show. Symptoms are mild headaches from recalling theme songs, sudden dancing and prancing similar to Nathaniel or Britney Spears, acting childish , walking with your hands in the air , and giving free hugs.
Teacher: "Are there any drawings on your desks that I have to clean?"
Student 1: "Yes, right here."
Teacher: "Oh..seems like some sort of creature."
Student 2: "Looks like a yo gabba gabba to me."
Teacher: "Er..Well kids around here are a lil yo gabba gabba in the head."
by t3rd October 21, 2007
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A trippy and slightly creepy kid's show about toys. The show begins with an African American male with strange tastes in clothes taking several toys out of a box and placing them in various scenes in a large diorama. The toys come to life, sing, dance, and go on and on about nothing (like most kids shows). These events are commonly interrupted by kids convulsing (dancing) to a color-changing background, bad and obviously out of work bands and other things common to kids shows such as 30 second life lessons. The show is really a representation of what happens when you give children LSD or other psychedelics. It's surprisingly entertaining for viewers of all ages, but is most popular with children of drug addicts and scene teenagers, because it's "cute" and is secretly about LSD.

One of the most famous (and creepiest) songs is a song called "Party in My Tummy" performed by a green monster named "Brobee". It features him eating various foods that also accompany his lines "There's a party in my tummy!" with "SO YUMMY! SO YUMMY!" At one point, he stops eating and some carrots start to cry because they don't get to go to the party in Brobee's tummy (they don't get to be eaten). This little problem is shortly resolved by Brobee eating the carrots and continuing his little song.

6-year-old: I love that show! I always dance to the people on the TV and I sing and I play and I have lots of fun and the guy is so cool and the other people are so cool too!!!

Drug Addict: That show is so trippy. It's my visual of choice when I do acid tabs!
by RunningBear12 February 14, 2011
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This is a trippy little show that Satan watches when his old lady is off at Amway conventions. It teaches children that all can be resolved through dancing and whining a saying I'm sorry cures cancer. This show uses public funds to support out of work hip hop artists such as Biz Markie.
Hey Yo, Is that Biz Markie? Hell ya...Yo Gabba Gabba that mutha fucka needs to use Crest White Strips...
by Gary Vitalis June 20, 2009
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You will think that you are on drugs when you watch this.
Dylan: Did you watch that yo gabba show?
Eric: It's yo gabba gabba, but man that show is fucked up!
Dylan: I know man!
by VoDkAsGirl July 12, 2011
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A kids show that will seal the fate of our future offspring and humanity if watched on more than one occasion by a young child.
Tommy: "i wanna watch YO gabba gabba"
Parent: "Sure"

15 years later Tommy becomes a homosexual and becomes addicted to heroin

Tommy: "i wanna watch YO GABBA GABBA"
Parent: "no u little shit, do you want to become a homo?"
Tommy: "no"
Parent: "then watch the damn history channel you lil shit"
Tommy: "okay.."

15 years later Tommy because a stock broker and brings in multi million dollar salary, has makes money and ****s bitches and sends half of his salary back home to his parents
by A+++++++++ November 04, 2009
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