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"I just had this fresh banana, omg, I had a bananagasm it was so good."
by PLZ0080 October 26, 2009
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Noun: An orgasm achieved with the aid of a banana. Two common methods of bananagasm are:
Through insertion into an orifice of your choosing (ear and nostril insertion is discouraged, despite being practised in some cultures);
Or wrapping the skins of the banana around the penis.
"I had a bananagasm earlier"
"How did you do it? Skins?"
by Anna Bagsam August 23, 2013
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The over-enjoyment and/or anticipation of eating a banana. Often occurs after eating.
may include, but not limited to:
weakening in the knees
swaying back and forth
saying random comments such as: HOLY FU JESUS!!!!! and NOTAFINGA!!!!!!!!
Phillip: look at that dude over there...
pancho:yeah .......hes having a bananagasm
guy having bananagasm: HOLY FU JESUS!!!!!!!
by thebananaman October 24, 2011
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