The sco, the sucka free city, San Francisco city. RBL Posse made this term on the real to the public.
Dont gimme no bammer weed, we dont smoke that shit in tha SFC - RBL Posse, representin the HP. R.I.P.
by hamydeez November 5, 2004
1. (abbr.) San. Francisco City
2. (abbr.) Sucka Free City
Don't give me no bammer weed we don't smoke that shit in the SFC.
by QZkotL April 9, 2003
Stupid Fucking Cunt - To describe a women who is incompetent, conniving, and totally useless.
"Damn, can you believe the shit that comes out of Nancy's mouth at the meeting today?"

"Yes, I can. She's an sfc. She has nothing intelligent to say ever."
by Big.Dong.Mo May 26, 2016
Stinky Finger Club. The art of inserting ones finger(s) into a girls anus. When completing this act you automatically become a member of the SFC, Stinky Finger Club.
Whats Kieran up to? Just continuing his reign as founding member, and president of the SFC.
by 121ghfsd May 23, 2011
Stupid Fucking Cunt. OR
Stupid Fucking Cuntasaurus
Variant -SFCR
Stupid Fucking Cuntasaurus Rex, queen of the Cuntasauruses.
I need to dump that SFC that keeps nagging the crap outta me.
by NoSocksInFla February 24, 2021
A porn artist who has her own tag on paheal, usually known for making Dora BFB porn. She's currently having a mental breakdown and is on a rampage making Jonesy and Peely porn.
Hey, isn't SFC the one who makes Dora porn?
by SFC-CC October 19, 2019
SFC: abbreviation.
Super Fucking Cute.
There's cute....there's super cute....then there's super fucking cute.
Basically really, really, really, really, really, really cute 😃
That top is SFC.
by Wallywalbert December 14, 2015