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ball dusting
bawl duhs-ting

1. One who ball dusts usually assumes they are superior/the alpha male.

2. When a male sprays his crotch region with cologne/body spray in an attempt to impress women.

Example 1: Chad and Brad were conversing about how fast they could shotgun a natty light when Ryan said he could beat them in a shotgun race. Chad and Brad objected Ryan’s claim and ignored him the rest of the night in fear they would be beaten in a shotgun race.

Example 2: Any middle school boy after gym class that owns Axe Body Spray.

Sentence 1: “Did you see that chach cock block Mark?”

“Yeah, that guy for sure dusts his balls.”

Sentence 2: “Wyatt dusted his balls before he came to the party because he wanted to get some sippy from Betsy.”
“Ha ha ha, what, are we in seventh grade again?”
That chach for sure partakes in ball dusting.
by tMcnodz January 18, 2018
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verb. the act of propelling dirt between the legs with the fore paws so that the genital area becomes covered with a light film of dust
Carolina Dingos are notorious ball dusters. Carolina Dingos love to burrow in the ground and as they burrow and excavate these nests they always end up ball dusting.
by Ian Jonse June 13, 2006
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