The art of ejaculating until orgasm then letting the semen dry on your cock
Hey girl ima fan of letting it dry.
by 3000biaches July 5, 2017
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After receiving oral from another gay man, the blow-ee shoots spunk all over the blow-ers hair, then restrains him until the gel sets and hardens.
After Pie-Gallon (nicknme) polished my knob, I convinced him to Let the Cement Dry.
by Cheney Wolfhound April 12, 2009
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A phrase used when a guy is taking a poop and right before he wipes, he jacks off and let's the poop on his ass cheeks dry out (without really noticing).
Dude what's taking bill so long in the bathroom?

He must have been letting the paint dry!
by C.C.R. Boss December 14, 2011
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