the act of baleeting; the thing baleeted
Recommend for baleetion
by kookoo October 20, 2003
To delete/ignore annoying people in an online chat...especially in the Kingdom of Loathing (
That Janitor is such an idiot I'm glad I baleeted him
by Janitor January 5, 2005
Coined by Homestar Runner as he was answering Strong Bad's emails in Ep#50 when he was on the phone.
"Dear Strong Bad, how do you type with boxing gloves on?" -- Scott from Surrey BC Canada

"Oh, even I know what to do with that one." -- Homestar

Bad command or file name.
Bad command or file name.

and so on...
by stavr0 May 13, 2003
A word used in a wordHomestar Runner/word flash that has replaced the word "Deleted" in message boards. Means the same as "Deleted", although often used jokingly, or when a wordModeration/word is imminent, or has already happened.
User A: You Suck
by Iguana September 13, 2003
as coined by the famous homestar runner,it means "deleted"
homestar says BALEETED when he deletes strongbad's e-mail
by kvg July 14, 2004