Someone with front teeth that stick way out, making them look like a rocky the squirrel.
"Wow, that chicks got some balcony teeth!" "Watch out, if you kiss her. She's got balcony teeth. You'll be climbing 2 floors to get to her tongue"
by Zman2000 March 3, 2008
what happens when you have two people cocoeding a room and one is higher up than the other well they peer down and beatoff
hey man want to split the cost on this room i really want that beatoff balcony to enjoy watching you sleep
by refuse to poofread January 22, 2012
When someone performs a hanious act and punishment is necessary, they are forcefully thrown off da balcony.
D-Block drank too much celebrating the 2001 Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup win and pisses off Chris’ balcony. Chris the proceeds to throw D-Block off da balcony.
by Shenyunforever May 4, 2018
-Ruin someone's plans.
-be the damp squib
-burst someone's bubble
Sorry to rain on your balcony, but I'm going to skip the movie.
by Pseupi May 23, 2017
A bar top table that fits onto standard railings, turning boring balconies into a bar!
We just got a Views 'balcony bar', and it's turned our boring outdoor space into balcony bliss.
by barlover987654321 January 16, 2023