Cute, funny, sexy ass guy who everyone wants he has good looks and has a huge dick he’s usually never has a girlfriend and everyone chances him. He will usually date a girl for their personality just how his is a good one too.
by Sprinkle cake124 February 7, 2018
the most badass french girl you will know.
not only is she fun to hang out with and ,talk about boys with, but she knows how to listen and help you out!
She is one hot sexy beast,with a great rack and a nice ass...and a hot french accent when she says the word "cotton".

watch out though..because she slaps..hard.
you will not regret meeting this awesome chick
OMG. is that Axelle?! damn..i wish i was as badass as her.
by blondie<3 February 21, 2010
Axel is a kindhearted person that everyone wants to be around with, he gives the best advice to people when they need it, he never leaves your side even if y'all get distant. Axel would make an amazing boyfriend and a potential husband because he's everything a girl could dream of, loyal, caring, funny, understanding, and amazing. If you have an Axel in your life don't mess things up with him because you will regret it.
Wow look how Axel treats her! She is the luckiest girl on Earth to have him!
by June 9, 2018
Super sweet, caring, motivational and everything you can ask for. Motivates you when you're feeling down. Never let's you give up.
1. Hey look it's Axel!
2. What about him?
1. Axel used his motivational words with me because I was giving up.
by Gatorwithpassion June 15, 2017
Axel is a boy name . He is usually kind, sweet, and quiet. He does no express his feeling when he like someone. He is always shy to tell someone he like them.(especially girls)
by someone:> <3 February 4, 2020
Hes very very cool and handsome and amazing and smart and have a large penis and is nice. He’s just awesome
Hi Axel, you have a large penis
Hi Axel, you are very cool
by Axkv2509 January 16, 2020
Axel is Axel
Axel is just Axel who hangs out with Jorge, David, Daniel, and Mannex
by ThatAsianKiddsmh September 20, 2018