The act of masturbating on and ejaculating off of the balcony of a hotel or apartment.
I stayed at a hotel last night and gave the cars below a balcony spritzer.
by Mrylin Sprtizer January 10, 2009
A person that is gay, but his denying there homosexuality and threatening there lives to deny there homosexuality
sprogs is such a balcony gay

i reckon, i wish he would just come out already and save us the hastle of calling the firebrigade

damn right
by Jubz January 21, 2007
when things get a little too frisky
We watched Romeo and Juliet in English class, but the teacher skipped the balcony scene.
by Oh Just Someone November 19, 2015
The balcony couple is the one (if out of multiple) couple(s) that are always by the balcony. They’re the balcony kids everyone knows and is fucking annoyed by, because they are the cringiest and most annoying couple in the school. They are also super controlling of eachother and are so clingy that you’d rather jump off the balcony than date one them. And they are always making out and grabbing each others genitals. They also create so much drama because they have to let everyone know that they’re dating and will attack anyone who comes near the others “husband” or “wife”. Because of all of this drama when they finally break up they have no friends left, so tragic. Because they have no friends they sit up by the balcony with of the other sluts that eat there for lunch. Basically they are the biggest sluts out of the biggest group of sluts in school.
P.S Go to the balcony during lunch at your own risk because they might be, actually probably, no DEFINITELY will be fucking.
“Wanna go to the balcony for lunch?”
“Fuck no I’m not tryna get AIDS from the balcony couple.”
“Yeah besides I’m not tryna get attacked cuz I walked past (blanks) quote on quote husband.”
“Oh wait nvm we can go up”
“They just broke up. Btw you own me $20”
by DepressionIsRealGuys69 September 27, 2018
Having sexual intercourse on a balcony situated in Sunny Beach Bulgaria. Preferably a female bent over and taking it like a pro
That jumby is getting a balcony job off that tash on
by derek_123456 July 6, 2011
Derived from the famous phrase " Porch Monkey " a balcony jap is a JAP that sits in her fucking mansion or on her fucking balcony all day... a Balcony JAP doesnt hafta be Jewish... but she has to be a fucking rich girl that is spoiled outta her mind... it may infact be the ultimite dissing.. caution in using this one... it could get u into trouble... only use it under serious circumstances
hey jon, lets go down to Molly's house and throw rocks into her balcony window which is trimmed in gold and silver and has ribbons and rich on it
by APugs July 9, 2004
The term used in Gilmore Girls Fan Fiction when writing about Lorelai Gilmore and Christopher Hayden.

This is the term for them because their daughter Rory Gilmore, was conceived on the balcony outside Lorelai's childhood bedroom.
Forget JavaJunkie! I'm a Balcony Buddies fan. After all, Lorelai should be with the father of her child.
by RoganAllTheWay September 14, 2008