slave master, oppressor

Etymology: "back raw" (which he bestowed with a whip.)

The bakra or bakra master in the Jamaican Patios refers to a slave master and or slave driver. It is often used in reference to performing unpleasant or involuntary tasks for a demanding person (often in jest).
"Fi mi supervisa comin' like a real bakra masa"
by yaadman October 25, 2013
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(Hindi) A male goat.
(Hindi, slang) A fool or a scapegoat, who can be used/fooled by others.
Similar to bokka
After waiting for hours, the conman finally found his first bakra for the day - John.
by PratikStephen May 15, 2008
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From the Irigwe word "bukuru," the devil within.

"Bakra" in Jamaican Patois literally means "devil," but in this case it means deception or someone who is being deceitful.
Me betta go do de bakra work!
by OnlineLinguist January 18, 2010
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When there's one guy in a crew, usually Punjabi in origin, who can make really good goat meat curry and likes to get the bros together in a garage to watch him make a batch of it in a pot over a propane burner.

The bros stand in a circle drinking Crown Royal talking and giving their friend advice on how much more to cook it while some really lit desi music plays in the background.

Then everyone enjoys eating the goat meat curry together. Good times.
Bakra Party is GOAT!
by AsABrownMan December 9, 2020
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