A abbreviation of "Winnebago," referring to a specific make of camper. Word use is generally restricted to fraternity/sorority members. May violate open-container laws.
Dude, we're going down to USC this weekend in a bago! Wanna come, we have like 7 30 rack's. Go bears woooo!
by mrbb November 15, 2008

A drinking game for 2 or more players, each with an uncanny desire to get "drunk as shit" off of delicious bagged or boxed wine. The game consists of each player holding the bag way above his or her head, drinking until satisfied, and then passing the bag around to the next player. This player then does the same thing and passes the bag until emptied.
Hey, lets go play bago in the kitchen with mom.
by Stuart March 27, 2005
bay-go- is a language used by many 13-14 year old teens in canada. It is used by putting an "o" sound at the end of every word. It can also mean Bago wouffel and is very fun to try to make your teachers say.
Carly- Bendabo
Nagina- Jungo
Nagina+carly- BENDABO JUNGO!
by Nagina June 2, 2005
"She did that?! She's so cool"

"That's the Bago in her."
by AyeeB February 6, 2010
Shortened version of the word Tobago. Used in Trini conversation.
Before leaving, my mother told me not to breed any gyal up in Bago during Island Crashers.
by TriniJedi December 18, 2019
a came u play with a bag of wine
u chuck it around in a circle chanting bago bago and qwho ever drops it takes a drink til u cant drink ne more
"bago bago bago!"

andy :"man lets have a game of bago"

gordon :"no man, i cant catch that thing , ill be bago'd out my nut"
by bagoqueen March 28, 2009
A specific kind of retard.-->Someone who doesn't think much, panics & whines a lot. Can not be responsible as his mind never functions properly. Can have knowledge and ideas but due to a lack of focus and brain stimulae unable's them to use a high percentage of their intelligence thus making them panic and whine.
Yo Bago!
Oie bago stop whining.
He's such a bago
by Jacksimon7 December 8, 2010