Steve: I saw Henry shoot skag the other night
John: Yeah, he's such a baghead
by NineteenNinetyNine October 25, 2009
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A gaunt and scruffy looking drug addict that can be mistaken as "Gollumn" from Lord of the rings.
Bagheads are usually found lurking around derelict or secluded areas looking for needles. If you are brave enough to approach one, you may be confronted with a clinical stench, brown teeth or just a bag of bones.

Bagheads are not extinct as they survive on a modern liquid food called Smack. They live of the state benefit but are often seen claiming poverty by asking for "20p for the phone".

Bagheads spend the majority of their short lives hibernating under Park benches and forrest & wooded areas. The majority of bagheads that don't hibernate usually spend their days unconscious.
by Lilmiss_gobby February 29, 2016
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A baghead is a tramp that snorts coke off ashy batty for a livin. They fuck other bagheads no matter the gender and they smoke spice and black mamba on a daily ask si mizzle
Yo Dennis , Look at them Bagheads over's ur gang
by PyrexWhippa23 January 17, 2019
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A person who enjoys the pleasure of putting loads of bags on their own head, examples include Angus Bags, Popcorn bags, and sometimes when there is a shortage of bags; Flags, in this case this person is a 'flaghead'. Sometimes they enjoy putting other objects on their head. These people are well wierd.
Person 1: "Oi baghead, go put a bag on your head!"
Person 2: "wrecked"
Person 3: "fuckin bags"
by GeorgeBoy August 11, 2007
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A term used mainly in South Yorkshire (England) to describe a person who either: Likes Rock, Metal, Punk or a person that dresses in baggy clothing. Compleatly useless term, mainly used by cretins.
1. Oi! Baghead!
2. Dirty Baghead
3. I'm stupid, I say Baghead
by Christobel February 6, 2006
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a complete hand job, someone who is of low moral value
oh my god, here comes that Daniel Tune, what a baghead
by Neil Hollick July 6, 2009
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A member of the Ku Klux Klan.

The term refers to the hoods worn as a part of the Klan's uniforms.
Can you believe that baghead had the balls to scold me for being a "Nazi" because I was wearing oxbloods?

The local bagheads are having another meeting out in Barrow.

Some baghead actually tried to recruit me for the Klan.
by idgaflol September 7, 2011
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