The taking of illicit drugs throughout the day, particularly at inappropriate times. For instance: scraping out a bomb of phet in the living room with your nan before tea time while you sit and watch 'Countdown'
I say, Charles, the gentleman in the corner appears to be exhibiting baghead behaviour!
by DubiousBlagger November 4, 2013
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A girl so nasty you have to put a bag over her head to have sex with her. No reason for the name Betty other than the two B sounds go together. Referenced in Manga-ka Santa Inoue's Tokyo Tribes.
Oh man don't be getting me Hizzy to the Seven Izzy with some Baghead Betty!
by DiscoBubba December 7, 2004
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When a crack head or someone who is on smack (baghead) is acting hella sus (sussy)
by Su$$yBaghe@d42069 September 11, 2021
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Similar in the posture and height of a lamppost but has an abnormally shaped head
by Nertian July 31, 2021
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