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A clever way of saying douche bag that is commonly used by the comedian Dane Cook. This is much funnier and you will impress your friends with your new slang.
You would say: Karren is a major douche bag.
Dane Cook would say: That Karren is a big bag of douche.
by Nick 6111 May 09, 2006
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This is an describing word for someone who looks like he or she should be beat with a hose and thrown in a tank of barracudas. This person usually is wearing a pink popped collared shirt with ripped jeans and big annoying glasses and a knock off of the Livestrong braclets. Besides the clothing they act like they are better than everyone else cause they think they are cool but in reality they suck and everyone hates them even their parents.
Nick is such a bag of douche. He shoudl be shot!
by Da Sak September 08, 2006
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Similar reference to douchebag, but said when the speaker desires to get a laugh.
Nick: Look, guys! I can bench 200 pounds twenty times!

Alex: Nick, you're being a bag of douche.
by dudebro15 August 11, 2009
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