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Prescription for ADHD that contains amphetamine and is now being widely abused.
"I just snorted up some adderall and I'm feeling great!"
by Loner March 8, 2004
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Stone Temple Pilots, an early grunge band that formed in the early 90's and focused on apathy and other grunge aspects. Weiland, the lead singer, was addicted to heroin all through the band's history
Stone temple pilots' "Core" won platinum.
by Loner March 8, 2004
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Menthol cigarettes, in which the smoke inhaled produces a cool sensation in the throat.
"I just bought a pack of marlboro menthols"
by Loner March 9, 2004
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What your ex did to you when she/he found a better puss eater
Victim: Are you cheating on me?
Michele: No
Victim: Wat's this pic in ur wally? Who's this jews u're f**kin' wit?
by Loner February 12, 2004
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