Badass is defined in one word: Caravaggio.
Son of a bitch was the most bitchin' painter around 1600, and he brawled his way around Italy. He was so badass, the Pope fucking pardoned him for killing some dude in a bar, just so he could come back to Rome (he had been on the run) and paint for some Renaissance-era mercenaries who happened to just love epic art. Damn, son. Damn.
Art student: Professor, who was the guy who painted multiple grotesque beheadings SO BEAUTIFULLY?

Art professor: You must be referring to Caravaggio. *does not try to hide gleam of admiration in eyes* Damn, he was a badass.
by Will Never Be As Badass February 06, 2010
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The true American male. He is so insecure that it shows anytime he does anything, whether it's ordering yet another drink, buying a car way beyond his means, or treating women like shit. He is always looking for a fight, but if anyone stands up to him he whimpers away as the coward he is. He thinks that shouting at and beating women is the way a "man" handles these matters, and will sexually harrass any woman, regardless of age, in an effort to repress his homosexual desires.

A badass thinks and does whatever he sees on TV or hears on the radio. He wears whatever is advertised, and he drives a car meant to distract from his miniscule dick and inability to please a woman. Since he has not yet evolved independent thought, he does whatever the media tells him to. His "style" is a tasteless combination of whatever is popular at that given moment. He may have a Harley or a Corvette, or some other set of wheels that "gives" him style, because he sure as hell has none! All in all, the consummate loser.
Woman #1: All the men I meet seem to be badasses.
Woman #2: I have the same problem.
Woman #1: I have an idea, why don't we fuck each other, and not bother with these assholes ever again.
Woman #2: I'm way ahead of you, baby, if I had any panties on they would be sopping wet by now.
Woman #1: I can't believe I wasted so much time with these worthless fuckers!
Woman #2: Me neither. Forget about that, hon, and let's eat each others pussy!
Woman #1: Mmmmmmmmmmm!
Woman #2: Mmmmmmmmmmm!
by Just Saying it like it is. April 26, 2006
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someone who can just sit and radiate badassery without yapping like a little girl 24/7 about how badass they are.
Badass Zacharias, Badass Yazdanyar
by Thatswassssssssup August 30, 2010
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1.Totally fucking boss
2.So sweet you'd cream your jeans
3.Eddie Murphy wearing Zog's armor from Breath of Fire 1, holding a snake pimp-cane with a sword in it and also holding a sock full of quarters, and having a harpy eagle perched on his shoulder
by Truest-Chaos April 03, 2003
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Generally refers to a male. Confident, secure, uninhibited, so cool it hurts, hardcore, independent โ€“ all in one. I guess the character of James Bond is expected to be badass.
Sometimes referred to a woman. Means being down to earth, daring, confident unafraid of challenge (not intellectual but the challenge of real life experience โ€“ sports, extreme experiences, edgy actions). I guess they refer badass to a woman who looks quite tender and feminine so that they do not expect her to keep her senses facing a challenge. maybe a badass woman is an attractive female who behaves unexpectedly confidently in unusual situation.
Shia LaBeouf on Michelle Monaghan in Eagle Eye: "She's badass."
by thoseluckybastards June 03, 2009
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