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A ship between two VERY talented singers.

Marina Lambrini Diamandis, known professionally as Marina and the Diamonds, is a Welsh singer-songwriter. Born in Brynmawr and raised in nearby Pandy, she moved to London as a teenager to become a professional singer, despite having little formal musical experience. In 2009, Diamandis came to prominence upon placing second in the BBC's Sound of 2010. Her debut studio album, The Family Jewels, incorporates indie pop and new wave musical styles. It entered the UK Albums Chart at number five and was certified gold by the British Phonographic Industry. The album's second song, "Hollywood", peaked at number 12 on the UK Singles Chart.

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, known professionally as Lana Del Rey, is an American singer, songwriter, and model. Her music has been noted for its cinematic style, its preoccupation with themes of tragic romance and melancholia, and its references to pop culture, particularly 1950s and 1960s Americana.
"OMG! Did you see that video of Marina and the Diamonds and Lana Del Rey? They're doing a collab! And they hugged!"
"SERIOUSLY?! Larina is SO real."
"I know right! They should name their future child Marina Del Rey!"
by larinadiamond June 20, 2017
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Larina’s are the most crazyiest people. She is so pretty and gorgeous. She is petty and salty but also caring at the right time. Don’t make Larinas mad they will hold a grudge forever. They are good at gaming to. She is different from the other girls. She is super funny and immature and can also be wild. She is beautiful and a girl you need in your life.
“Dude Larina is so hot

Omg she’s so funny
by Sexybeast23 June 14, 2018
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