People who laugh at their friends diagnosis
They keep laughing at their friends diagnosis.their a bad friend
by RedDreams December 13, 2019
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A friend who inadequately responds to a joke, meme, action, or comment simply because they do not feel like it.
Guy: *Sends funny picture to friend*
Friend: *Likes It*
Guy: WOW you are a lazy piece of bad friend... give me a better reaction than that
by FromKatlyn+John September 28, 2018
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someone who lies alot to you and behind your back. someone who pisses you off all the time. They say they will hang but then they dont and they go hang with some other bitchy chick who she knows you hate. A bad best friend will say they will never do something.....and they do it. Bad best friends lie about secrets to make you feel sorry for them. They destroy your heart and your insides until you cant take it anymore. Thats when the victim gets sent to a crazy place or they commit sudicide.
Bad Best Friend: I will never get on *this website*
victim: Good. im happy you never lie.
Bad Best Friend: yup. BFF!


lalala *goes to website to see stuff*
victim: HUH?! what are you doing?
Bad Best Friend: nothin.
victim: Oh OK! then i must be retarded cause it looks like your talking about me to her! and THAT CREEPER!
Bad Best Friend: oh well i didnt do thatt. myy bad.

by BackStabbedByThatLlama February 06, 2010
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A friend who supports you even when it is not easy or convenient to do so.
I didn't think Jerod would stick by me, but when I got into trouble, he backed me up; he turned out to be a real bad-weather friend.
by Beynham May 17, 2012
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Also known as BBF. Your bad behavior friend lives on the other side of the country and you rarely talk other than by email or text now so you can confide your deepest secrets, desires and transgressions with no shame!

You both are surrounded by people that you hide the true extent of your sickness from and therefore have only each other to let your guard down with.
After a night of dancing, Meg found herself secretly having drunk sex with her best friend's boyfriend. Meg went for lunch the next day with her best-behavior friend Rachel and when Meg recounted her night to Rachel, the sexual elements were removed. But when she texted her bad-behavior friend later all the sweaty details were there!
by AndyHay March 10, 2010
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A bad friend Means when someone who laughs even when ur crying.

aldo: WOahhhhhhh whos that bad friend
edythe:thats jose *eyeroll*
by eve1978 December 06, 2021
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a bad friend is someone who doesn't respect you but is still your friend
Person 1: Hey do you know my internet friend Ferocious?

Person 2: isnt he a bad friend i mean he called you a cunt last week

Person 3: i guess
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