Bad End Friends. Kids from cartoons who are bad.

They said said "nah we wanna go to the darkside."

There are many bad end friends but there are 3 main ones. But let me list them all.

Ice Finn
Beast Wirt

Evil Morty

Demon Marco
Pak Dib
Mubirty star
Button eye Caroline

Birthday Mabel

And soooooo much more. Basically any character from a cartoon that is evil.
Person 1: "Oh hay have do you know Bad End Friends?

Person 2: "No."

Person 1: "Oh. Well let me show you!"
by I have no will to live October 17, 2019
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someone who always expects so much from you. someone who never pays you back. someone who makes you feel terrible about yourself no matter what. someone who always gets mad so easily for no reason. someone who never supports you when you need to be supported. someone who tries to change you. someone who dosent support your decisions. someone who always thinks you owe them.
becky is such a bad friend i do so much for her but she never cares or does anything good for me.
by beckywecky1219 February 01, 2018
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the bit of skin that gets pulled off at the side of your nail. it kills.
awh man i got a bad friend
“just pull it. it won’t hurt for long”
by teddie June 29, 2021
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A bad friend is someone who bitchy and always ditching their friends for popularity
Omg she’s such a bad friend

She’s such an attention seeker
by Ringwoodbitych October 17, 2019
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Someone who cares only about themselves. You will always be there for them no matter what, yet you cannot count on them. They will ignore you unless it benefits them in some way. Once you start feeling sad or you go through something, when you turn to them they are never there. They talk about you behind your back. They treat you lesser than them. It does not matter how much care you have for your friend. They will never treat you like you deserve, and eventually the one who treated you like crap doesn’t change, and tosses you out like garbage.
“I’m really struggling right now Lewis. Would you mind just listening? It would really help”

“Lol nice”

Bad friends aren’t worth having around, know your value.
by Golden Lizard May 14, 2021
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1. A bad friend is when him/her ditches you for a boyfriend/girlfriend. Even if they dated for 3 years, you always stick with your bestfriend. 2. Someone who dates your ex or likes someone you like. 3. If they don’t not stick up for you drop em they’re not worth your time.
Me- “People are being rude to me are you going to stick up for me?” Bestfriend- “No I don’t want to he is my boyfriend”. Me- you’re sick a bad friend .
by _EllieGrandes_X February 04, 2019
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