Paige is a bad friend for making her ex best friend cry bc she stole her mans. her friend is deeply huet my diesnt wanna say anything.
that girl is being a really bad friend.
by Anonymous238658 October 25, 2017
Someone who cares only about themselves. You will always be there for them no matter what, yet you cannot count on them. They will ignore you unless it benefits them in some way. Once you start feeling sad or you go through something, when you turn to them they are never there. They talk about you behind your back. They treat you lesser than them. It does not matter how much care you have for your friend. They will never treat you like you deserve, and eventually the one who treated you like crap doesn’t change, and tosses you out like garbage.
“I’m really struggling right now Lewis. Would you mind just listening? It would really help”

“Lol nice”

Bad friends aren’t worth having around, know your value.
by Golden Lizard May 14, 2021
Someone that does not bring their friend toilet paper.
Friend -"Hey did you bring me toilet paper?"
Bad Friend-"Nope"
Friend-"You're a Bad Friend™"
by Zauz March 1, 2017
1.A bad friend is your friend that just becomes your friend to make more, and ditches you in the end (like all my friends ;-;)
2. Your friend ignores you and pretends that you're not friends.
3. A friend who is mean to you all the time and says that "it's just a joke!" Yeah, right.
Example: You know what, Dakota? You're a really bad friend!
by yourleastfavoriteperson March 4, 2019
Someone who hypes there friend up even when they are looking a mess and then that will encourage that friend to keep looking a mess because you are hyping them up.
Your a bad friend because you hyped me up even when I was looking a mess
Someone who claims they are going to get you a wicked cool Google T-shirt complete with "I'm feeling lucky" button, then bitches out.

AkA Ramshaw
Brad - "Hey Dave! theres this WICKED cool google convention at my school! and they are giving out AWESOME LONG SLEEVED GOOGLE shirts with COOL SUFF written on them I will GET YOU ONE!"

David - "Sweet, thanks buddy!"

*Later that day*

Brad - "Hey Dave! Check out my WICKED shirt! SOrry, couldnt get you one, but you suck"

David - ":( your a bad friend bradley...."

by Nick Meier September 30, 2006