If your subway stop is full of commuters, and the trains pulling in are full, you get on a train going in the opposite direction in order to board one stop earlier. Guaranteeing yourself a spot on the train.
The trains and the platform were packed, so I backstopped, and got on the next train no problemo.
by Dozr June 14, 2007
The act of cramming any foreign object into your anal orifice.
Hey man, I wouldn't put more paper towels on that without washing it first... i used that as my billy backstop.
by cpt. bananas June 11, 2009
When a female eats a large meal of mexican food than takes laxatives. Then right before discharging, the man fucks her anally in an attempt to prevent defication.
I took my lady to Toxic Hell last night and gave her a Chicago Backstop later.
by Sgt Harding April 4, 2008
What any hardcore feminist or otherwise domineering woman ought to be.
Have I told you about my 7th grade Remedial English teacher? She ought to be the backstop of a football team.
by Baron Bernardino June 17, 2008
A sexual position similar to a Dallas filet (aka anal reverse cowgirl), except that the woman sticks her arms out behind her and the man grasps her hands in his, with their fingers interlaced; this allows him to support and guide her movements, and signals intimacy. A recommended starter position for anal novices. Can also be performed by two men, by two women with a strap-on, or by a man and woman in reversed roles with the aid of a strap-on.
"OMG, I just walked in on Colleen doing the Irish backstop with Seamus!"
by The Olc-Glas December 31, 2019
Sexual term for when you promise to pull out before you nut then change your mind and stay inside
by Things that annoy me 161 March 12, 2019