When a DJ takes a record and quickly spins it in a backward direction using his or her hand.
"I can beatmatch, scratch and backspin."
by JesseBW August 30, 2003
The act, of balancing on your dick, then proceeding to spin while reciting Despacito, on your sexual partner.
what the fuck was that you just did! says Barbera, "Why, it was a Sausage Backspin my dear"
by YaboiArabCaillou December 10, 2018
Wiggle boggle backspin 4000 is when a girl uses two hands twists and sucks with such elegance you can’t help but roll your eyes back and gaze in the sky
Yo tha girl gave me the wiggle boggle backspin 4000
by Aha yes now April 13, 2020