4 definitions by YaboiArabCaillou

a house in canada that is pimped the fuck out with lazors and partying black mates
nigloo that bitch up
by YaboiArabCaillou December 19, 2018
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The sexual act of a light-skin Australian female, dressing up as a kangaroo just to get shot by her husband, dressed as an

African kangaroo hunter. than proceeds to fuck her with an AK-47
I'm a bout to Australian Kangarod the shit out of my boss if he does a Sausage Backspin on my desk again..
by YaboiArabCaillou December 13, 2018
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The act, of balancing on your dick, then proceeding to spin while reciting Despacito, on your sexual partner.
what the fuck was that you just did! says Barbera, "Why, it was a Sausage Backspin my dear"
by YaboiArabCaillou December 10, 2018
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the act of two homosexuals fusing to make one super homo
i will do the krongredonglinbility with Nathan
by YaboiArabCaillou December 19, 2018
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