When you have a school project that you were told about six months ago, but you did it the night it was due, you backdate it by putting dating a day from earlier to make it seem like you've been working on it for a while. Also very useful when you're doing an assignment the day its due.
Joe had just finished his history paper second period on the day it was due; in the heading, he backdated it a week so that the teacher would believe he didn't do a half-ass job on it.
by g_oo_gle May 3, 2005
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Is to compensate for a delay between "dating" somebody and making it an official committed relationship by setting the "official" beginning of the relationship at the first date or earlier. Must be agreed upon by both parties otherwise it can be considered psycho.
I have to go meet my girlfrieds parents but luckily we backdated our relationship and 6 months sounds so much more stable.
by FTOT_rocks_d_092209629am September 22, 2009
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Making plans to hang out with someone you didn’t really like but had sex with on a first date, in an attempt to retroactively render yourself less of a slut/player.
"Yeah, we did it on the first date. But we’ve been backdating, so I can still say I’ve never slept with anyone I went out with less than three times … "
by aboredlawyer July 11, 2008
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When you date your ex out of desperation, boredom, guilt, or displaced regret.
I thought you and Cindy broke up a long time ago.

Yeah, we're just backdating.

Oh, cool, that sounds like a healthy life decision.
by UrbanLexicologist April 6, 2010
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The fiery pit of hell one finds themselves in when attempting to repair massive amounts of poisoned historical database records using the very same dumpster of historical data.
J: Who in the hell backdated unit space logs into locked financial periods? I thought that was never supposed to happen?
L: Our period logging architecture was never meant to have the underlying tables updated directly by the application! The trigger keeps each window internally sequenced, so shifting a reporting post date into the middle of a locked post month will have devastating effects on all the downstream logs.
H: The backdating damnation quandary is clearly taking hold. Fellas you can't unring this bell! There is no undo for `rm -rf /*` and there is no `rollback` if you forgot your `begin`! Talk to the dbas, this is going to be a long night...
by badhorsey June 25, 2020
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