used to describe a boy or girl of slight interest who isn't exactly qualified to date at the moment, but may come in handy later. thus one places them on the "back burner," keeping them warm (subtle flirting, etc.), until you're ready to chow down (i.e. date, talk, hang out with when one has nothing else to do, etc.)
"Yea Tom is acting like a dick tonight, but I have Joe on the backburner, I think I'll give him a call."
by Melissa C. December 10, 2007
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a place where you put things you don't have time/money for or have otherwise abandoned.
origin: an urban fire escape where you go and get a sunburn on your back.
you don't have room for that in your life, you'd better put it on the back burner
by brap February 5, 2005
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The AIM window that keeps blinking, yet you do not click on it. You are more focused doing other things, such as checking e-mail or listening to music.
I didn't want to talk to Nick, so I left him on my backburner.

Andrew was pissing me off, so I he was going to sit on my backburner until he calmed down.

Shit. I don't feel like talking to Jenna, I said I'd hang out with her. I can't sign off, she'll get the message. She's just going to sit on my backburner until she ignores me.
by Peter M August 30, 2007
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Jill came over last night and I gave her a backburner. her pooper's probably sore today
by billiumk December 19, 2006
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When someone tries to burn you and you turn it back on them.
This is the real scenario which brought this about

Moose: O NO!!! Good thing I am going to Blacksburg for the weekend :P
Boonie: Yeah now we don't have to hang out with you.

Boonie's comment is the Backburn
by 1LMF September 1, 2011
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My girl offered up backdoor action, but i was out of lube. All i had was some Icy Hot, so i gave her a backburner
by Sir Shatalot September 8, 2019
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like a sideburn but on the back of your head. They tend to be found on the back of your neck.
girl: woah check out that guy's massive backburns!
girl 2: yeah that's awesome
by Kayleigh! May 23, 2008
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