def 1: "to be back on one's bullshit is to return to a state at which you were your truest and most vocal self with a renewed focus on authenticity and a decided lack of fucks given for others"

def 2: "it is the act or process of accepting your inevitable return to the self-defeating and impulsive behaviors that have historically hindered your self actualization but from which you cannot, and no longer desire to, escape."
Alright I had my time of sadness. Back on my bullshit let’s get it.
by bria333 December 9, 2017
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To be "back on your bullshit" means to have recently come in contact with an ex-partner or begin to feel nostalgic for them or your relationship together, even after you say you've moved on.
Caitlin: You kissed your ex at that New Year's party? You broke up with them a year ago!
Brian: Sorry babe, I guess I'm back on my bullshit.
by dodotrio February 20, 2017
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To be remotivated to seek success. Resurgence in life and motivation. The next level of finesse
by Dr. George Thompson June 20, 2017
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To be back on one's bullshit is to regress to a former state of being, often a rather unhealthy and self-destructive state. It implies falling back into one's old ways and habits after a brief period of "self-reinvention".

Being back on one's bullshit is not necessarily a bad thing per se. Perhaps that person had come to terms with their quirks, absurdities, and insatiable/irrational desires. No longer do they try to repress those self-destructing behaviours and compulsions in hopes of becoming better, because they know that one day they will eventually give in; they can run but they can't hide from their true sordid selves. In other words, they continue to seek self-improvement and strive towards self-mastery, but they don't try to repress their former bullshit. Besides, that bullshit defines you and who you are and you can't feel like "you" without it.
Jennie: Jimmy wth?? What's up with those cross-dressing pics you sent me last night, I thought you had already broken out of that paraphilia of yours
Jimmy: Well what can I say, I'm back on my bullshit, and I don't intend on hiding it anymore.
by UwUltimateDoge June 28, 2021
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I'd like to revise my previous definition and emphasize that being back on one's bullshit is not necessarily a good thing either. If you don't know how to control your bullshit, and it is negatively affecting you or others, then you're better off without engaging in your 'thing' (whatever that may be).

The phrase "back on your bullshit" is best used in the context when you're in a healthy mental & physical state and you wanna engage in the 'thing' that gives you pleasure/makes you tick, but this time it does not affect you or others negatively (either due to increased wisdom and/or environmental factors). Sometimes this may never happen as you fear to be consumed by it again. People with a Type B personality are less likely to be back on their bullshit, while those with a Type A personality are more likely to.
Mother: Why on earth are you gambling again?
Son: Because I'm back on my bullshit! I feel I have self-improved a lot since, and I feel I can control myself now.
Mother: My dear, sooner or later you'll be consumed by it again. That's just the nature of gambling.

Nathan: Eyyy bro!
Dan: Hey Nathan! Wha-, you seem different!

Nathan: Well I had a revelation this past week and for some miraculous reason my mind has started being creative again. You probably know I've been a bit depressed this past month, but now I can finally kiss goodbye to Writer's block because I'm back on my bullshit!

After being locked out of his Bitcoin account (worth $$$$$ now) and sworn to never touch bitcoin again, Solomon was back on his bullshit and decided to invest in bitcoin again.
by UwUltimateDoge January 17, 2022
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