To dive and tackle someone to the ground. Named for Raiden's move in Mortal Kombat. Also Bob Nelson
by DJ Illnutz March 28, 2003
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To resume doing something that you were previously doing and would rather be doing.
"Biery ill let ya get back to getting back." Biery Valery winks back at Dimitri as he leaves the bathroom to his 3 fine foxy females.
by otot October 16, 2007
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To go on an adventurous trip into the wild with a minimal of tools. Both literary and metaforicly.
Will: Let`s head over into that patch of brambles! and take off your shirt and pants, we`re going bare-backing-back-packing.

Barry: I`ll bring the flashlight!
by rangourthaman July 6, 2009
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Sack to back is the term used when two males ride a motorcycle or scooter together.
Also referred to as "Butts to Nuts"
Those guys are riding "Sack to Back or Sac to Back"
by Indetrucks February 17, 2011
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from the song mood by iann dior, it means: i'm talking me and my friends wear nice suits(slick back), relaxing(kick back),
drinking(gang sippin') alcohol(forties)
Only thing I need to know is if you wet enough
I'm talking slick back, kick back, gang sippin' forties
You keep playin', not another day with you shorty
by je11y January 18, 2022
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