On the now defunct cartoon "Futurama," Bachelor chow is the substance that the main character Phillip J. Fry eats with regularity. It comes in a large bag akin to Dog Chow and makes its own gravy when you add water. The bag advertises that Bachelor Chow is "Now with flavor!"
Bender: Fry what are you doing tonight?
Fry: I'm gonna stay home, watch "All My Circuits," and eat Bachelor Chow.
by Tnuttaz June 1, 2006
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Cooked food preserved in a pouch (as "Tasty Bite" Indian dinners) that requires only to be heated in hot water for a few minutes before being served.
- What are you having for dinner?
- Ever since the girl moved out, I'm living on bachelor chow.
by Enward August 16, 2005
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Food that is easily prepared, has enough vitimins and minerals to preserve life, and cheap to buy.
Cause most single guys living alone are poor and/or lazy but still need to survive.
A great example of bachelor chow is cerial, $4 buys you 5-8 meals..just add milk..or not.
Also KD and hot dogs among many others.
by Danny B December 5, 2005
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As advertised on billboards in Futurama.


1 bowl of chili
1 handful of shredded cheese
1 egg, scrambled
1 handful of fritos
1 tabasco sauce.

Mix together in a large bowl and serve piping hot.
To say that bachelor chow sticks to your ribs is an understatement.
by uglygun November 14, 2004
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Food that a sinlge man can't eat and stock in the house if he was living with a woman
by Josh Bubba Anderson September 7, 2005
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