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A positive public acknowledgement of a friend.
I'm giving a shoutout to all my friends up in Canada!
by Danny B March 16, 2005

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a delightful midafternoon snack in which excrements are spread between two oven-toasted buns and topped with a green olive and a "homemade cream sauce"
No one can make a poop sandwich like I can!
by Danny B September 07, 2003

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A family-friendly euphamisum for 'sex' used by a few (known) canadian radio DJ's
"is shimmy shammy really the best thing you can get for free, caller?"
by Danny B October 02, 2006

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Food that is easily prepared, has enough vitimins and minerals to preserve life, and cheap to buy.
Cause most single guys living alone are poor and/or lazy but still need to survive.
A great example of bachelor chow is cerial, $4 buys you 5-8 meals..just add milk..or not.
Also KD and hot dogs among many others.
by Danny B December 05, 2005

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Def: A warning from friends to hide,
when an ulgly chick you accidently gave a night of passion to, is looking for you the next day.

Background: Poor, hung over Jeremy had this ugly ass girl flailing her arms in the air asking everyone she saw "Have you seen Jeremy!?"
Watch out man...have you seen Jeremy!?
by Danny B March 16, 2005

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usually in reference to the amount of ejaculation accumulated during orgasm
there are many factors required to determine the cumsum of splooge
by Danny B September 07, 2003

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Best line for the not-so-well-known song, Jailhouse, by sublime.
Cant fight against the youth, right now

Them are rude, rude people

Cant fight against the resistance, oh right now

Them are rude, rude people
by danny b February 24, 2005

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