Babymaking is supposed to be sex souly for the purpose of making babies, but it has now been dirtied up and mean really dirty kinky sex.
Karen:"last night, i swear to god, my roommate was babymaking for six hours straight!"
by dinosaursgorawr March 10, 2008
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A female's or male' you know. for making babies.
if you don't shut up right now, I'm going to punch you in the babymaker.


today was a real babymaker day.
by paluzzi December 17, 2005
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human male penis, male organ of generation, particularly when erect
by Ben April 2, 2005
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A woman's vagina or pussy and it's subsequent parts.
I straight tore up her babymaker.
by BHyde2 May 22, 2006
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An extremely fertile woman. See also: hot oven.

A woman who loves to make babies.
Daisy was trying her best to bring back the days of seven or more kids per family. She's a real babymaker if there ever was one.
by major_delmac March 12, 2005
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When multiple men ejaculate into a women's vagina during intercourse.
"I performed a babymaker last night with the local soccer team, I never knew I could get that full..."
by eatinbabies June 8, 2009
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