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the stick thin and freakishly tall adolescent girl creatures who actually work in the fashion industry in print and runway (as opposed to normally proportioned adult females who lug modeling portfolios but work as waiters) they can often be found in little clusters along 7th avenue in manhattan, taking in sustenance and trying to avoid predators wherever zero calorie snacks are sold.
Does your building have an agency in it or something? I was almost trampled by a herd of baby giraffes in the lobby.
by Phineas T April 24, 2009
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The name given to the pose one must adopt in the toilet after awakening with a {boner} and dying for a piss.
i.e. legs spread wide and upper torso bent foward at the hips.
So called because of the obvious resemblance to a baby giraffe struggling to get to its feet.
I woke up half-way thru' the night with a stiffy and spent half an hour in the bathroom doing a baby giraffe trying to have a piss.
by ant August 04, 2004
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Very tall, long legged, blonde freckled Dutch women. Can also apply to other northern European women, some Scandinavians.
Passing the group of Dutch women pedaling on bicycles through Amsterdam, Jake exclaimed, "Wow! Look at those legs! The Baby Giraffes are out and about today!)
by Jgs003 October 23, 2011
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being so drunk that while walking you resemble a newly born giraffe
scott you were smashed on the weekend , you were walking around like a baby giraffe
by supergmoney87 September 08, 2011
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A dance move done by having your legs shoulder width apart , hands infront of you palms down with elbows locked and then sticking out your booty. So named as it looks like a giraffe is giving birth.
After going to the zoo, at the concert later the only dance move I could do was the baby giraffe.
by _that_slut November 08, 2007
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An expression used to describe the walking style of an individual who has recently been fucked so hard it has rendered their legs virtually useless.
Mate, I was ramming his arse hole so fucking hard that after I blew my load and pulled out the bastard was walking like a baby giraffe!
by Lucafix June 22, 2011
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A baseball pitcher who adopts a delivery in which his arms and legs are flailed about excessively to create deception.
That Kyle Hansen from St. John's has a motion that reminds me of a baby giraffe — he's got arms and legs coming at the batter.
by GoWithGilberto May 10, 2012
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