when you have something of a baby inside of you and give it to someone else to have it because you cant so thats yr baby mama.
woah she my baby mama cause "mine" is t-shaped.
by kkkkkkkkkkk* January 17, 2009
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A vulnerable woman who doesn't realise that her Baby Daddy is a dick head.

She cries over him but always runs back when the twat gets in touch (usually when he's bored and hasn't had a shag for ages).

She doesn't listen to people who advise that he is no good and just a bastard in general who couldn't give a fuck and always ends up broken hearted because he won't change.
'Hey mate are you still keeping in touch with your baby mama?'

'Yeah we still have sex but we'll never be together!'
by LBee1993 October 02, 2018
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A) The mother of your child
B) A tease every time you pick up your kid
C) The girl who make you question if you want more with her
D) Got you pressed every time she come by
My baby mama crazy as shit but I'd hit that again anyday!
by fckenfarmer June 16, 2017
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