A quarterback who makes everybody think he's much better than he really is because he pads his stats by playing in a dome.
Drew Brees really showed how much of a dome babby he is this weekend when he lost to the 49ers on the road.
by AnonEmoose3 January 16, 2012
Also known as a steak and kidney pudding, and is used mainly in Northern England. It is pronounced exactly as it is read, and is phonetic of the way us people from Wigan say 'baby's head.' I suppose some people must think that a steak and kidney pudding must resemble a baby's head. Quite funny really.
"I'll have a babby's yed, chips and gravy please"
by Gaz_Wigan April 26, 2006
To slowly drink an alcholic beverage
" You're really babbying that 40"
by kevs4 October 11, 2007
Tyrese-Where's the bitches at?
Jamal- Theres mad babbi at that lil joint on San Pablo.
by ThizzNation999 April 3, 2009
Grow ass nigga with babby nuts aka nigga name gleen
Cuz 34 and he still got babby nuts
by Dat nigga d July 1, 2015
a HUGE dump. you have to do the breathing technique similiar to when women give birth. if you ever have one of these you will remember, and cry when you do.
by foned March 18, 2003