Pronounced bub-bee
A term of endearment used for bhuvanesh exclusively
by randomthatway December 11, 2012
STFU Parents reference for babies and young children. Mostly attributed to whinging, nacissistic Mommies who make Facebook posts complaining about how their toddlers have been mistreated, usually at parties or in restaurants.
'the waitress brought everyones' food but the babbies'.
by squirrel nutkin April 9, 2010
As in 'Beat the babby'. A euphemism for a womans vagina. Same as pussy or trim.
Sarah keeps talking about how she wants to go to see this new play, but all I want to do is beat the babby. And how!
by Kwasi August 17, 2004
BABBY (Long "A" sound) is a word made and frequently used by Jungle(Marin City) niggas as a substitute for "pussy"
Damn that Babby tasted like a toaster
by Lodat Bitch October 20, 2010
a (nick)name a female (or a male) gives themself when they want to show off their social value over the media. The type of person to think it's cute but in reality their heads are far up their ass. Conceited or faceass works too.
See that girl J? She's nothing more than one of those annoying ass babbies
by chalibanium June 26, 2018
a term of endearment directed at a person of whom you are in a complicated relationship with.
hey babby... you wanna go get "complicatedly" wasted with me tonight?
by Lamalf October 17, 2007