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Short for wordbonosaurus/word. An swelling of the male member by the circulation of blood, also known as an erection. Used to refer to an erection in public.
1. You see that girl? She got major hotential, and gave me a massive b-rex.

2. Damnit, why did i wear sweatpants today! Now everyone can see my massive 8 inch b-rex!
by noodles April 02, 2003
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A girl, with a blow job factory for a mouth, who brings both hands to her chest when she's drunk and walks around like a dinosaur.
Damn, look at Brittani, fuckin B-Rex in the house!
by T bone79 May 15, 2011
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short for "bro sex;" when your so invested in your home boy that if at the end of the night yall aren't with girls you instead take one for the team...with eachother.
"I'd rather get brex..then no sex"

"Dude my back hurts"-bro 1
"Its all good bro, want me to give you a massage and some brex?"-bro 2
"haha yeeeaa, you know me"-bro 1
by MysteryMagician October 25, 2009
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