a girl who acts like a ho and has potential to be one
wow shes got major hotential
by |21C3 |2\_/135 April 2, 2003
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A female that has the potential to be a ho, skanky, slutty, or easy.
She's looking kind of conservative in that turtle neck but that bitch has some serious hotential.
by Martin McLemore January 11, 2007
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From the words hot and potential hotentential basically is when someone not attractive has potential to become attractive as a result of growing up or a makeover
“That girl is so ugly”
“No if you look at her she has hotential it’s just her clothes and hair that are awful
by rilimarili November 20, 2018
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A person, usually a girls, potential hotness; a measurement of theoretical attractiveness

Contraction of hot and potential.
by PornoMan March 24, 2006
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A place that has great potential to possess hoes and sllluts, but can potentially become dangerously infested with swan's.
Bob: "Hey, lets go to the club tonight I heard the hotential there is gunna be extremely high"

Quan Damion: "Word, them white bitches love it when I put my dick on that ass"

Enrique: "Do you think any of them would like a cockerspaniel?"
by MC Norris February 9, 2004
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