A badass adorable Japanese girl who looks sweet and can be incredibly accomodating, but look at her the wrong way and she will bitch-slap your sorry overstepping ass.
Ayumi makes a killer brunch but man, she smacked me for wearing my shoes in her house.
by bizach April 21, 2005
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A very shy Japanese girl who acts like good girl, but loves to secretly stalk boys. She lowkey wants a boyfriend
Guy: Hey, do you know Ayumi? I tried talking to her but she's really shy.
by pabebebebe December 04, 2016
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Hey did u see that angel?

Bro her name is Ayumi
by Rafael1.9 May 18, 2018
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Ayumi’s are kind, sweet, and beautiful. They’ll always be there for you, no matter where you are. Ayumis will always put a smile on your face, and it won’t matter to them if you’ve are really close with them or have just met them, they’re always ready to help you. They’re really smart and one if the best people ever!!!!
That girl’s name is Ayumi, so of course she’s awesome!!
by I’m writing definitions January 10, 2022
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An extremely popular female J-pop singer in Japan. She writes all her own lyrics, they aren't too brilliant, but very poignant(unlike what you would hear on mainstream american radio). She has a very high-pitched voice which to some people, may be pleasant and to some, annoying. She composes some of her own songs under the name CREA.

Her record company Avex uses her as a marketing tool, in which she realizes in her song 'everywhere nowhere'. She has one of the best-selling albums in Japan. She has 6 albums, 1 mini-album, 2 'BEST' albums, 19 remix albums, and 35 singles, and that's only to date. She is a powerhouse 'media-whore', she is the spokeswoman of Panasonic, and has been spokeswoman for many products since her debut in 1998.

Some may say she is the Japanese 'Britney Spears'. I disagree, for she is much more sane. She does dress like her, (not half as bad though) but when music is concerned there is no similarity. Ayumi puts solid emotion into her voice, her songs have good melodies and such, packed with simple, yet pleasant guitar solos. She is very versatile and re-invents herself from time-to-time. She has done trance, alternative, hard rock, R&B, etc. And yet still keeping her style. Unlike most J-pop stars, she rarely uses English in her songs (her song titles, however are almost all in English)

When some people think of J-pop, they might automatically think 'cutesy', 'bubble-gum', 'shiny-outfits'. It's not always true in Ayu's case. Her music can be enjoyed by both men and women of all ages, cultures, etc. So generally, although Ayu shares some characteristics of pop stars all around the world, she has a mind of her own. And unlike most pop stars, has control of her career. She is also very hot, considering her age. Plastic surgery or not, who cares?

I recommend this artist. Albums such as 'Duty', 'I am...', and 'LOVEppears' are highly recommended.
Ayumi Hamasaki is one of the most influential stars in Japan.
by Chris March 15, 2005
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The Japanese queen of pop. Ayumi Hamasaki began her career as a model, and eventually became a singer. The first single of her entire career as a singer was called "NOTHING FROM NOTHING," but her first single with the record label Avex Trax was called "poker face."
She can be seen on most billboards, television sets and magazines. Her profits alone make up more than 50% of Avex's total income.
Ayumi Hamasaki has been writing her own lyrics ever since she debuted with Avex and had started composing her own songs in her 4th album, "I am..."
She is not like Utada Hikaru, who is known for her voice, and Amuro Namie, who is known for both her voice and her dancing. Instead, she makes each fan feel like he/she personally knows her. Each song is like a look into her every day life.
Her symbol is a big "A."

Also refered to as: Hamasaki Ayumi (usually refers to Ayumi herself and her back up singers, Peko and Yoko, and her guitarist, bass player, drum player and keyboard/piano player(s) who perform with her everywhere she goes.), Ayumi, Ayu-chan or just Ayu.
by J.Pak June 27, 2005
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Ayumi hamasaki is Japan's darling queen pop star. She was first modeling and acting, but now she is singing. her songs are all written by her and she gives her effort 100%! She can be found in EVERY single commercial and in every magazine. She is a overworker and had contributed many to j-pop fans. Her debut was her cd "A song for xx." even today, her songs sell like hotcakes. Not only her songs, but even her trendy style! She likes to be very coordinatd when dressing-even down to her nail cuticle. Rumors has said that she has overworked so much that she had eye infections. 6 albums-10 remix albums-41 singles-and somuch more- AYUMI NEVER GIVES UP IN ENTERTAINMENT!
Ayumi is j-pop's number one queen in techno and trance!
by boogah boogah! November 09, 2003
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