a cuticle is a little white colored thing between the bottom of your nail and your skin. Some people have cuticles that grow up pretty far onto their nail. Many people push theirs down and some people have cuticles you can't really see.
It's right at the bottom on the top of your nail. See a thin line of white stuff. That's a cuticle
by Franky F J 23 August 1, 2008
Cute; Dainty; Pretty; Adorable; Used when under pressure to deliver an opinion usually on appearance of something or someone.
Your shoes are so CUTICLE!!!
by BritBrit May 13, 2005
The hottie in the cubicle next to yours.
Hey, can you hang on a sec? My cuticle's on the other line and I'm hoping she's drunk and maybe looking for a little sumpin' sumpin'. That's some company ink I wouldn't mind dipping my pen into!
by iowabuckeyes March 25, 2011
When one smiles a deep ridge in ones cheeks will appear. Along with that ridge a slight crinkle appears. This slight crinkle, which becomes white, forms the lip cuticle of ones mouth. The lip cuticle can become white and agitated when not well taken care of. It is necessary for lip cuticle balm to soothe the area after too much laughter.
"I laughed so hard at a joke the other day that my lip cuticles started to hurt."

"You should really get yourself some prescription lip cuticle balm."

"Great idea!"
by vintagececilia November 8, 2011